The Poetry Center and Jewish History Museum are proud to present a series of readings by Jewish authors writing within the broadest spectrum of genre and subject matter today. These writers interrogate fairy tales, gender and motherhood, environmental art, and sports, in order to explore what it means to be human.


Hannah Ensor lives in Tucson. She’s a program coordinator at the University of Arizona Poetry Center, a co-editor of textsound.org, an assistant poetry editor for DIAGRAM, and president of the board of Casa Libre en la Solana. Her poems can be found in Denver Quarterly, Evening Will Come, Crab Orchard Review, JUPITER 88, and elsewhere. An essay on Anne Carson’s and Roni Horn’s Wonderwater was recently published in Anne Carson: Ecstatic Lyre, part of the University of Michigan’s Under Discussion series. In 2014, she co-published a collaborative chapbook, at the intersection of 3 (dancing girl press), with Jill Darling and Laura Wetherington.