Admission Rates

General admission: $7

Members: FREE

Children under age 6: FREE

College-level with valid school ID: FREE

Active-duty military: FREE

Drop-in Visitor Hours

Public hours have ended for the summer.
Visits available by appointment.
Please call the office during regular business hours to schedule.

Drop-in visitor hours resumes Friday, August 30.


Thank you for your interest in the Jewish History Museum, should you need any other information, feel free to call us.

(520) 670-9073


Teachers leading the trip are responsible for reading and signing at the bottom of the following information. Additionally, we ask that lead teachers communicate the following information to all other participating teachers, chaperones, and students prior to arriving at the JHM. 

Classroom teachers and chaperones are responsible for the behavior of their groups. We ask that visitors be respectful of the space by using indoor voices (when appropriate), and walking while on the campus. Should you need to cancel your trip, we request 24 hour notice. All teachers and chaperones are invited and encouraged to explore alongside their students. 

Following your trip to the JHM, you will receive an email from museum staff with a Survey Monkey link. We welcome your feedback; it helps us grow! Extend student learning with the follow-up links and activities provided to you via our website. Share your experiences with your colleagues, friends, and families. Our program grows by your positive recommendations.

I have read “Preparing for a Visit to the Jewish History Museum—Teacher Contract” and understand how the JHM is asking me to prepare students, chaperones, and co-teachers for the trip to the JHM. 

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Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted inside the Museum. Restaurant facilities are available within walking distance. (For more information check out our neighbors below)

All large bags, backpacks, briefcases and packages must be checked at the front desk. All hand-carried items are subject to inspection

Firearms, including without limitation: handguns, shotguns and rifles (whether concealed or openly carried) are prohibited on the Museum premises and parking areas.