The Birin Family Educational Outreach Program at the Jewish History Museum and Holocaust History Center provides deep, culturally authentic experiential learning opportunities to students across Southern Arizona.

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Educational Themes Include:

Holocaust History

Contemporary Human Rights 

Local/Regional History

Histories of civil rights struggles in Southern Arizona

Immigration histories

Community and alliance building

Histories of discrimination


Funds are available to defray costs associated with school visits to the museum.

For more information or to ask a question about school tours contact:

Gugulethu Moyo




Teachers leading the trip are responsible for reading and signing at the bottom of the following information. Additionally, we ask that lead teachers communicate the following information to all other participating teachers, chaperones, and students prior to arriving at the JHM. 

Classroom teachers and chaperones are responsible for the behavior of their groups. We ask that visitors be respectful of the space by using indoor voices (when appropriate), and walking while on the campus. Should you need to cancel your trip, we request 24 hour notice. All teachers and chaperones are invited and encouraged to explore alongside their students. 

Following your trip to the JHM, you will receive an email from museum staff with a Survey Monkey link. We welcome your feedback; it helps us grow! Extend student learning with the follow-up links and activities provided to you via our website. Share your experiences with your colleagues, friends, and families. Our program grows by your positive recommendations.

I have read “Preparing for a Visit to the Jewish History Museum—Teacher Contract” and understand how the JHM is asking me to prepare students, chaperones, and co-teachers for the trip to the JHM. 

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