Send the following via email to 

Put “Mapping Migration Submission” in the subject line

Attach three high-resolution scanned images:*

1. A photo of an individual or multiple family members that is the oldest known photo in your family's history.

2. A photo that represents an iteration of your family's lineage, perhaps a generation or more after the first photo.

3. A photo of your family in the present in Southern Arizona, which may include yourself

Include names of individuals in the photo, location, year of photo. Additionally, please provide the year your family arrived in Southern Arizona

Include any additional information you would to share about the photo. Submissions will only be accepted  if they contain all three images with descriptions.

*If you do not have an electronic file of a photograph you would like to submit, the Center can create high-resolution digital copies of original photos.  Please call the Jewish History Museum, 520.670.9073, to make arrangements.