Where: Jewish HIstory Museum, 564 S. Stone Ave.

The Jewish History Museum, in partnership with the Consulate of Mexico in Tucson, invite you to a very special musical event. We’re taking over the streets and throwing a community-wide block party to celebrate the rich tradition of Klezmer music. Join us for food, drinks, music, and activities right in the heart of downtown Tucson, home of both the Jewish History Museum campus and heritage site for the Consulate of Mexico.

About Klezmerson:

Founded in 2003, Klezmerson works to explore and create a new type of Klezmer music from a Jewish-Mexican standpoint. The band,does so by gracefully combining melodies and rhythms from Eastern Europe’s Jewish musical tradition (called Klezmer) and playfully infusing it with Gypsy, Middle Eastern and Latin American influences. The resulting sound is a fusion of Rock, Funk and Jazz

Improvisations over a Klezmer theme. Since its founding, the band has released four albums and is working on its fifth.